POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM is an ecologically proven polyurethane film with matt, reflectionfree surface, in accordance with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 category 1. POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic. POLI-FLEX® can be used for lettering on T-shirts, sport & leisure wear, sport bags and promotional articles.

POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM can be cut with all current plotters. We recommend to use a standard 45°C knife. After weeding the cut flex film is transferred by heat press. The polyester liner should be removed warm. 

POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM is washable at 80 °C, suitable for tumble dry and dry-cleaning. Nylon and textiles with hydrophobic impregnation are not suitable for heat transfer. In this case we recommend using POLI-FLEX® NYLON. Guarantee for a secure and long-lasting bond of POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM is only given when following the specified temperature and pressure conditions. We recommend evaluation on test material. The soft, elastic carrier film offers a comfortable textile touch and convinces due to high wearing comfort. POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM excels due to an excellent opacity. The raw materials are ecologically inert, do not contain PVC, plasticizers or heavy metals (in accordance with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 category 1). POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM with a self-adhesive polyester liner, enables a reposition. POLI-FLEX® PREMIUM is available with a blockout intermediate layer as POLI-FLEX® BLOCKOUT SOFT in the basic colours 4501-S white, 4508-S rot, 4510-S yellow, 4515-S orange, 4520-S gold metallic, 4530-S silver metallic, 4503-S neon blue, 4540-S neon yellow, 4541-S neon green, 4542-S neon orange and 4543-S neon pink The colours marked with a * have an excellent sublimation resistance due to the type of pigment used, even though they do not possess an extra blockout coating. Due to the various material and application influences we recommend that when using these colours, to conduct a test on the original material before every application. POLI-FLEX® STRETCH is a high stretchable flex film and available in the colours 401S white, 402S black, 404S green, 406S royal blue, 408S red and 410S yellow.

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